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Water Damage

For every minute you wait
to remove the water from from even the simplest of spills or leaks…

You Are Losing Big Bucks!

Second by second treacherous unseen water is finding its way like a creeping virus taking the path of least resistance in and through your home costing you potentially thousands of dollars in tedious and costly repairs…

Did you know majority damage lies where you can’t even see it?

Behind walls soaking insulation and studs
Under the hardwood flooring causing the floors to cup and warp
Under your house
In your crawlspace increasing the critter population!

I’m Sorry…There Is More Bad News…

Just as you can’t judge a book by its cover, you can’t judge water damage by the amount water you see on the surface.

What You Can’t See Will Hurt You!

98.95% of all un-restored water damage will lead to mold, rot, costly side effects, serious health risks and likely increases in your insurance premiums.

In 2007 U.S insurance companies dealt out a whopping 2.6 million dollars in restoration claims, while homeowners just like you paid 98 million dollars in unmet deductibles.

Don’t Be A Victim!
Don’t throw away your hard earned cash on costly repairs!
Don’t zap your bank account dry because you waited too long!

Disaster Plus will get the water out fast! Just listen to the testimonial below to hear how Disater Plus can save you money and help you avoid costly repairs that un-restored water damage can cause.

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In The Event of Water Damage…Time Is Not Your Friend! We Are!